Want fewer ads but don’t want to pay the Youtube Premium prices? We might have a solution for you

Have you tried Youtube Premium? If so, it’s likely you did the free trial of the paid feature, as it seems everyone is a little hesitant to pay up to £11.99 a month for what can be free content.

And it seems that YouTube itself is a little aware of this, as the site is developing a cheaper, ad-free YouTube Premium tier that’s trailing in Europe under the name YouTube Premium Lite.

The new package is available across seven nations in Europe, including the Nordic and Benelux regions.

It’s priced at €6.99 per month, making it €5 cheaper than the standard package, with a few more limitations.

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You will get all videos ad-free, which seems to be the main factor when contemplating a YouTube subscription. You won’t, however, get the handy feature that is background viewing, or the ability to download content from the site.

If you’re looking into this as a music lover, YouTube Music will not be ad-free, and you won’t be able to play the tracks in the background or download them either.

So YouTube Premium Lite seems to be for those looking to avoid those pesky and isn’t fussed about much else. If you’re looking for much more you might be better just paying the standard monthly fee.

It’s currently unknown if or when YouTube Premium Lite will make itself known in other countries, but if we had to guess we would say the price would be about the same across the pond – so $6.99 for the US version.

But, if you’re a YouTube fanatic and want to keep updated with the site, you can check out our article on the new Facecam, which is a premium webcam designed specifically for YouTube. And, did you know we have YouTube Channel? Hop over now to check out our latest videos.

Source: The Verge / ResetEra

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