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If you have a PS5 and fancy indulging in some fantastic survival horror on the cheap, the PS4 version of Resident Evil Village is currently discounted but it also includes an upgrade to the PS5 version at no extra cost.

Available via Currys PC World’s eBay store, RE Village on PS4 has been knocked down from £59.99 to £44.99, making it one of the best deals to nab for the game as you’re effectively getting two versions of the title for the price of one.

Deal: Resident Evil Village (PS4) with free PS5 upgrade for just £44.99

As you might expect, the PS5 version of RE Village has been significantly optimised to make use of the extra grunt of Sony’s latest console. One of the biggest differences is in the lighting effects, which in a game like Resident Evil Village can go a long way towards selling the realism of the horror as it unfolds.

The Trusted Reviews Editor Supreme, Alastair Stevenson, recently dove into Capcom’s latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise, surmising in his review: “Resident Evil Village is a great horror game that is sure to delight newcomers and old fans of the series. The horror setting has moments that are genuinely terrifying and the game’s narrative feels suitably satisfying, and grotesque, to entice fans of the genre.”

While it’s true that Village leans more towards the side of action than its predecessor, Resident Evil 7, the game still manages to sneak in some devilish scares whilst also offering up a new and exciting story for the long-suffering Ethan Winters (Village’s main protagonist) to navigate.

Resident Evil 7 is currently available to download for any PS Plus members via the PS Plus Collection on PS5, so if you’re feeling extra adventurous then you could play 7 and Village back to back – although this is something only recommended to those who have nerves of steel.

Deal: Resident Evil Village (PS4) with free PS5 upgrade for just £44.99

Still, there’s nothing scary about this fantastic deal from Currys PC World, getting you one of the latest triple-A titles for less.

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