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Xiaomi appears to be targeting Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 event with the launch of its own Mix Fold 2 foldable.

Samsung will be unveiling its hotly anticipated foldable flagship, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 4 at a special Unpacked event on August 10.

It’s surely no coincidence that Xiaomi has just revealed a launch event for its own premium foldable, the Mix Fold 2, a day later on August 11. The popular Chinese brand has taken to Weibo to provide some details for this so-called “New Generation Folding Flagship”.

According to Xiaomi’s (machine-translated) post, “The whole industry has been exploring [the foldable form factor] for 4 years”. However, it claims that “There is still the last kilometre away from the folding screen entering the practical era”.

Xiaomi unveiled its first foldable phone last April. The first Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold (pictured) looked and handled a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold family, but with an ostensibly more impressive camera system. Unfortunately, it never saw release outside of its native China, so hopefully the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 2 sees a wider release.

Rumour has it the new foldable will match the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in many ways, and exceed it in others. It’ll seemingly come with a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip, dual 120Hz displays, a 50MP main camera, and 67W charging.

We might even see an S Pen-like stylus, if a rumour from the turn of the year is accurate. We’ll know for sure in just a couple of days.

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