Xiaomi could join Sony as one of the few big companies putting 4K OLED screens on its smartphones.

There is a lot of emphasis on the displays of smartphones nowadays, with options including OLED or QHD and OLED panels available.

However, you might have noticed that not many smartphones are advertised as having a 4K OLED screen, mostly since smartphones don’t really need to have a 4K display all the time in our experience. This is because it uses more power and thus drains the battery quicker.

But Xiaomi may be joining one of the few companies that offer 4K OLED displays on its smartphones, with the other main company being Sony, as Xiaomi’s next flagship phone was spotted on a Chinese certification authority website, TENAA.

Caught by XDA Developers, the listing shows that the new smartphone will feature a curved 6.55-inch 4K OLED display with a resolution of 3840×2160.

The listing also showed off a few images of the phone, which you can see below, which give us a little glimpse into what we can expect for Xiaomi’s latest handset.

Xiaomi phone 4K OLED display
Credit: Xiaomi/TENAA

Looking at the images from the website, the phone includes a camera in the top-right side corner alongside three cameras with a dual-LED flash, all on the back panel.

The front of the phone shows the curved display and there doesn’t seem to be a hole in the screen for the front-facing camera, suggesting that we may be seeing the next phone to attempt an under-display camera since Oppo‘s announcement earlier this year.

Looking closer at the listing we can see a few more details about the next Xiaomi phone; it should have a 4400mAh battery and weigh 166g.

The expected RAM is 16GB with up to 512GB of onboard storage. It doesn’t tell us what the next SoC will be, but it seems that it will be clocked at 2.4GHz.

It is important to keep in mind that the finished phone might not include the same specs, as this has not been confirmed by Xiaomi.

We don’t know much more about the next Xiaomi smartphone, but we will be sure to post more updates once more information comes out.

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