Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 200W charging

While Xiaomi is currently pushing the envelope with future-focused over-the-air charging, the smartphone manufacturer is still making improvements to the old-fashioned tethered and wireless methods.

The firm has revealed new Hyper Charge technology it says can fully replenish the Xiaomi M11 Pro in just eight minutes. That’s achieved with a 200W wired charger delivered to the phone’s 4,000mAh battery. 0-50 per cent occurred in just three minutes.

There were similar gains when using a 120W wireless charging tech that reach 50 per cent capacity in 7 minutes, and 100 per cent in a quarter-of-an hour.

Xiaomi says this is a world record on both fronts. However, it must be said the tech was deployed on a modified version of the Mi 11 Pro rather than the consumer version. The difference is in a new 10C graphene battery battery added to the phone.

Because this was only performed in a test environment, it’s not clear when this advance will be available on phones the company sells to the public, but it’s just another example of how phone makers are countering the age-old problem of running out of battery or not having enough time to properly charge.

Xiaomi is one of those leading the charge, having previously announced its 120W wired charging of the Mi 10 Ultra, which was able to fully replenish the handset from 1-100 per cent in just 23 minutes. However, in the real world the charging time is a little over an hour.

Earlier this year Xiaomi also revealed new concept Air Charge technology, which could replenish the phone wirelessly, over the air, across a room.

The new tech uses a base station containing 144 antennas, which can transfer energy to the phone using a “extremely narrow millimetre-wide beam” capable of transmitting continuous 5W charging (within a few metres) to a compatible smartphone.

That too will be a few years in the making before it reaches smartphones. Motorola are among the companies investing in a version of the tech too for its best Android phones too.

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