First time covering Wreckin’ Meet and if we are to judge this event by these photos it’d be safe to say that we’ve been missing out! Wreckin’ meet is pretty different from your typical car show in Japan as it’s catered more towards the Euro & USDM crowd than say VIP or drift. The event was held in Toyama Prefecture on July 15th near a very popular ski resort. It’s their 7th time doing this and over the years it has gotten not only bigger in quantity, but the quality of cars is constantly improving. Something tells us that you’ll be seeing more of Wreckin’ on StanceNation in the future. Most of the cars and owners are very much into the USDM style so chances are you might have seen a bunch of these cars on social media before. Big shout out to Yuuki for the awesome photos. We hope you enjoy them as well as the cars as much as we did!

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