Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 11 on June 24. The company took to the web to preview a number of new features coming to the operating system with this major update, including Teams integration. 

Microsoft is bringing the Chat function from Teams to your Windows taskbar. 

According to the company, Chat will allow you to connect instantly with all your personal contacts through text, chat, voice or video from your Windows 11 PC with one click, regardless of whether your friends and family are using a Windows, Android or iOS device on the other end. 

Your contacts don’t even need to download the Teams app, as you can also contact them via two-way SMS. 

“The last 18 months drove new behavior for how we create meaningful connections with people digitally”, announced Microsoft on its Windows blog. 

“Even as we start to return to more in-person interaction, we want to continue to make it easy for people to stay close with each other no matter where they are. And we don’t want the device or platform you’re on to be a barrier”. 

The Chat feature will also allow you to mute, unmute and start presenting all directly from your Windows 11 taskbar. 

Windows 11 is officially revealed

Windows 11 is officially revealed

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Other updates coming with Windows 11 include a more simplified, macOS-esque design, Snap Layouts to help you arrange your windows when multitasking, new gaming features, a personalised Widgets feed, a redesigned Microsoft Store and support for Android apps on your PC. 

You can also expect Windows 11 to be faster throughout and offer improvements in battery efficiency. 

So, when can you expect to see all of these new features? 

Windows 11 is set to launch at the beginning of the holiday season and will come as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 users, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the Chat feature hit your taskbar.

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