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Twitter has launched the rumoured Twitter Blue subscription service, which gives users the opportunity to undo tweets for up to 30 seconds after you’ve pressed send.

The social network’s first ever subscription offering, which is live now in Australia and Canada initially, also gives paying customers the opportunity to save their favourite tweets in Bookmark Folders.

Rounding out the initial batch of features subscribers will receive is a new Reader Mode that’ll effectively turn long threads into an article people will be able to consume more easily.

In a blog post Twitter says more features are coming over time, but right now Twitter Blue costs $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD (about £2.50 a month). Considering these are features Twitter users could be entitled to ask for without putting their hand in their wallets, it’s a bit of a struggle to see the value here. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at all the features:

We all know the feeling; the immediate regret after sending an angry tweet. You can always quickly delete, but once it’s live someone could have taken a screenshot straight away. The new Undo Tweet option is similar to a feature offered by Gmail, although you get 30 seconds to pull it back before posting here. Hitting Undo Tweet before the timer expires will give you the chance to revise the tweet, fixing typos or usernames or toning back the rage in the nick of time.

Twitter says this will give users an easier way to organise everything they’ve saved. Whether it’s a collection of comedy tweets, threads you want to save for later, or interesting takes on movies and TV shows.

Twitter Blue Bookmark Folders

As we said above, this makes reading threads a lot easier by removing all of the clutter between the content. It’ll be altogether more seamless.

Twitter Blue Reader Mode

There’ll also be some added bonuses like the ability to customise icons on the Home Screen and access exclusive colour themes. Subscribers will also get a dedicated customer support team. That could be an advantage if you’re the victim of abuse and actually want a human to listen to your complaint.

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