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Alongside the OnePlus 9 series of phones and the new OnePlus Watch, the company used its March 23 showcase to reveal an accessory called the OnePlus Gaming Trigger.

The new peripheral clips to the corners of the handset and is said to provide a little more of a tactile experience with physical trigger buttons that could be handy for first-person shooters and racing games. So, while you’re using your thumbs to navigate, your index fingers can be used for shooting, accelerating, drifting, or whatever.

OnePlus was a little short on details during the launch event, but it doesn’t appear as if the Gaming Trigger will require any additional power. Those physical buttons will simply interact with the outside edges of the phone, which will register the press and report it back to the game.

That would likely need support from developers too, but OnePlus didn’t clarify during the action packed launch event. Also, it’s not clear whether this would work with a protective case, but we’re hoping for clarification from OnePlus in the coming weeks. Another drawback could be the manner in which the clip on triggers cover a portion of the screen.

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“For gamers, we’re also introducing a brand new OnePlus Gaming Trigger with capacitive sensing technology,” Head of Corporate Communications Ryan Fenwick said. “Simply snap on one or both of the triggers to upgrade your mobile gaming experience.”

The company said the Gaming Trigger, hinted at last week when the company teased the India-exclusive OnePlus 9R phone, will work with all models in the range. We’re not sure if this will apply to past phones, so we’ve asked OnePlus for more information on functionality, release date and price.

The Gaming Trigger appears akin to the Air Trigger accessories that are available for the ASUS ROG Phone series. We’re looking forward to hearing more about them.

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