The Disney Plus original series WandaVision goes past the halfway mark with episode 5 on Friday morning. Here’s how to watch Marvel’s WandaVision episode 5 on Disney Plus.

After a cloak and dagger first couple of episodes, that bordered on the absurd, the fog has cleared and WandaVision has truly hit its stride. However, the full mystery behind the quaint suburban town of Westview remains very much unsolved. We’re all set for episode 5.

How to watch WandaVision on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is the only place to watch WandaVision. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. In order to watch the first four episodes and this week’s instalment, you’ll need an active Disney Plus subscription.

The fifth episode lands at 8am UK time on Friday morning and, immediately after it airs, it’ll be available on demand with all of the others.

If you’re yet to sign-up for Disney Plus, we’re afraid there are no longer any free trials available to new viewers. You’ll need to pony up £5.99 a month, or £59.99 a year.

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As well as WandaVision, you’ll also get all the movies from the MCU, as well as a massive array of Disney, Pixar and Star Wars content to delve into. There’s Fox programming like The Simpsons and all the nature programming you can shake a stick at from National Geographic.

As well as all that, Disney Plus has a huge content drop coming from the Star network, which brings loads of top notch archive content like The X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Family Guy, Scrubs and Sons of Anarchy. All that ought to keep you going for a while, right?

What is WandaVision?


The series centres on ‘Scarlet Witch’ Wanda Maximoff (played by Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) who we were initially led to believe were living out an alternate reality (as they’d have to be if you were paying attention during Phase 3 of the MCU) as a married couple in 1950s American suburbia.

They were seemingly happily married with twins, although things weren’t all as they seemed. Episode 4 pulled back the curtain on the events in Westview following the dis- and reappearance of Captain Monica Rambeau, aka Geraldine, in the real world.

The episode ended with the revelation Wanda herself was responsible for generating the alternate reality. We’re sure to learn more about the how and why in episode 5 this weekend. Here’s the trailer:

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