Several months after the base game’s original release, Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs Legion’s multiplayer will be coming in a free update next month. 

Legion first launched for consoles and PC back in October, with Ubisoft promising that its online mode would arrive shortly afterwards. Now, that time is finally upon us. 

The online portion of the Brexit hacking adventure will arrive on March 9th, and will seemingly include a number of robust modes and features for players to delve into as their own distinct selection of hackers. 

One of the most fascinating new features is open world co-op, which will allow for four players to team up and explore the dystopian city of London together as they complete missions and take on different activities. 

Unique co-op missions are also being introduced which will take distinct advantage of what multiple players will be capable of when in control of the game’s mechanics. Leader of the Pack is a new co-operative tactical op which will require the utmost teamwork to complete. 

It will consist of five interconnected narrative missions which Ubisoft is touting as endgame content, so you will likely want to finish the solo campaign before embarking on them. PvP is also being introduced with the Spiderbot Arena, a deathmatch mode with a fun little twist. 

Season Pass holders will benefit from some additional content, but they aren’t essential for enjoying the online update, which will be a free download for all users upon its arrival. The world is perfectly suited for freeform co-operative chaos, and we’re keen to give it a go. 

Earning 3.5/5 in my review, I enjoyed much of what Watch Dogs Legion had to offer, but left the experience feeling underwhelmed: “Watch Dogs Legion is an enjoyable open-world adventure that provides you with a beautiful vision of dystopian London to explore, but its ambitious mechanics simply don’t reach the heights I was hoping for.”


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