Instagram has confirmed the rollout out of a new auto-caption feature for Stories, which will automatically transcribe words spoken within a video and add text as a sticker.

After a few users began to see the feature arrive within the app, Instagram has started the process of making the feature available to all users.

Once the new Captions Sticker has been applied, Instagram will automatically generate the caption based on the speech it deciphers within the clip. The caption can be edited for accuracy, spelling, style and colour before users post it.

The feature is primarily designed to aid those with hearing difficulties, but it’s also great for those instances when you can’t have the sound turned on when browsing Instagram.

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When we at Trusted Reviews attempted to posted a video story today, we were informed of the feature via a notification from the Stickers tab. Here’s how to enable it:

1) Open Instagram and tap the + icon next to your profile picture in the top left corner to open the Stories interface. Select the thumbnail to choose the video from your or record your video within the app.

2) Once the video has been added/recorded, tap the Stickers option and select Captions from the list. If speech is detected, Instagram will use speech-to-text tech to quickly transcribe it.

3) You’ll see the words appear on the display, in sync with the pronunciation of them. However, there are other options you can select at the foot of the screen. To alter the colour, simply hit the wheel at the top of the display.

4) Pinch in and out to make the text larger or smaller and use a finger to position it in the optimum place.

5) Post your Story as normal.

In a tweet today, Instagram confirmed the feature is coming to Reels soon too.

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