Amazon Prime users in the UK have gained a tasty new perk: free Deliveroo deliveries.

The internet shopping giant is offering a year’s free Deliveroo Plus access for all Prime subscribers. This means that they can enjoy free deliveries from the food delivery service on all orders over £25.

Deliveroo Plus typically costs £3.49 per month, and can save up to £5 on delivery fees per order. It also offers special discounts from local favourites

All you need to do is head to this portion of the Deliveroo website and click the ‘Claim with Amazon Prime’ button, which will link your Amazon Prime and Deliveroo accounts together.

Back in May 2019 we reported that Amazon was set to become the largest investor in Deliveroo’s new funding round, and speculated that this could mean future food delivery benefits for Amazon Prime subscribers.

It took more than two years, but it seems we’ve finally reached that point.

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Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo followed the shuttering of its own Amazon Restaurants delivery service in London back in 2018. The online retail giant was either unwilling or unable to mix it on hard-fought UK restaurant delivery scene, with services such as Uber Eats and Just Eat competing with Deliveroo for our takeaway pounds.

Amazon is not averse to buying its way to a competitive market position, of course, as fans of Lovefilm, Audible, Whole Foods, the Washington Post, and Twitch will attest to. Indeed, if reports are to be believed, Amazon has attempted to purchase Deliveroo outright on at least two occasions.

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