Toshiba TV 2021

This guide breaks of Toshiba’s latest smart TV range of affordable 4K and HD Ready TVs. If you’re looking for a set but are on a budget, Toshiba’s selection might have what you need.

Toshiba has been on a steady rise in the past few years, its gambit on focusing its attention towards the affordable end of the market paying off as it grabs more market share in the UK TV market with each year.

The new range features a few more advanced features on some models (Dolby Atmos, eARC), with Dolby Vision present as well as Toshiba looks to cement its position as the value-choice in the market.

We’ll update this page with more details on availability and prices for every model.

What to expect from Toshiba TVs in 2021/2022

Much the same as we’ve come to expect from the TV brand in past few years – a focus on affordability and sprinkling of premium features.

There are more premium features this year with Atmos sound and eARC connectivity on selected sets. Alexa integration is a headline feature, but there’s assistance from Google on some models too.

With TVs that cover 43 to 65-inches for most models announce, there’s plenty of choice in terms of what size to go for to suit your room. For smaller rooms or those in need of a cheap smart TV, there’s the HD Ready WK3C series that comes in 24- and 32-inch sizes.

And as these sets launch ahead of the inevitable Black Friday/Christmas rush, expect to see these models carry over to 2022 as well.

Toshiba focuses on choice

Toshiba flagship TV

Toshiba is launching an Android TV for prospective customers hankering after the Google experience. That means the likes of Chromecast, Google Stadia and Google Play Store are available; the latter promising a wider range of apps than Toshiba’s own UI is stocked with (such as Disney+).

And while Toshiba seems partial to the Alexa smart ecosystem (which to be honest is the biggest on this planet), it is also including Google Assistant support on of its TVs, so there’s choice in terms of which smart system you want to use.

Affordable double whammy of Dolby Vision and Atmos

Toshiba continues its support for Dolby’s dynamic HDR format for improved picture quality (at least over HDR10) with apps such as Netflix and Disney+.

We can’t recall Dolby Atmos present on many Toshiba from before, and while you shouldn’t expect immersive surround sound from any of Toshiba’s sets (really that goes for the vast majority of TVs that support Atmos), you can rely on Dolby’s expertise in audio processing to refine the set’s audio performance where Atmos is supported.

A TV that talks to you (in Alexa)

Toshiba Alexa

Toshiba continues its relationship with Amazon by featuring built-in Alexa on a number of its latest TVs.

For these models, users in the Amazon ecosystem can bark orders at their TV or kindly ask Alexa for assistance without getting up from their sofa or search that for that pesky remote. Expect the usual list of skills from Alexa, with the ability to jump between inputs, tweak the volume and bring up apps. Don’t, however, expect Alexa to work within apps as her assistance is on broad system level.

Toshiba TV 2021

Toshiba 4K TV

Toshiba 55UK3163DB


  • 65UK3163DB
  • 58UK3163DB
  • 50UK3163DB
  • 43UK3163DB

If there is a flagship model then that status most likely belongs to the UK31.

It fully supports Toshiba’s TRU Picture Engine technology, with TRU Micro dimming adapting the set’s contrast for deeper blacks and better detail in dark and bright scenes: the TRU Flow motion technology reduces judder and enables a smoother image, while TRU Resolution upscales sub-4K for better clarity and detail for the best picture quality possible.

Toshiba’s relationship with Amazon continues with Alexa built into the set (so you can talk to the TV directly), while there’s also the Twitch app for those who love streaming games. Prices start at £379.

  • Tru Flow / Tru Dimming / Tru Resolution
  • HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos 
  • eARC
  • Freeview Play
  • Alexa built-in
  • Twitch app
Toshiba 50UA2B63DB


  • 65UA2B63DB
  • 58UA2B63DB
  • 50UA2B63DB
  • 43UA2B63DB

With the smart TV market broadening in terms of options, Toshiba has launched an Android model as part of its line-up.

At launch it’ll support Android TV 9 with an upgrade to Android TV 10 coming soon (there’s no Google TV UI upgrade planned). Support for Android does mean this model gets the Disney+ app.

HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision are covered on the HDR side, but there’s no Dolby Atmos sound with this model featuring a sound system developed by Onkyo.

Voice control is possible via the remote, and circling back to the model’s Android support, there’s Chromecast, the Google Play Store and Google Stadia. The UA2B is available from £399.

  • Android TV 9
  • Chromecast, Google Stadia
  • Tru Dimming / Tru Resolution
  • HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision 
  • Sound by Onkyo

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Toshiba 50UL2163DB


  • 65UL2163DB
  • 58UL2163DB
  • 50UL2163DB
  • 43UL2163DB

Mirroring the UL20 in terms of design, this more affordable model returns to Toshiba’s UI. The TRU Picture Engine is represented by TRU Dimming (contrast) and TRU Resolution (upscaling).

Again, there’s Dolby Vision and Atmos sound processing makes it to this model, while there’s the ‘Works with’ support for both Alexa and Google, so a connected device is required if you want to operate the TV ‘hands-free’.

  • Tru Dimming / Tru Resolution
  • HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Works with Alexa / Works with Google
Toshiba 32WK3C63DB


  • 32WK3C63DB
  • 24WK3C63DB

The WK3C is a HD Ready model with HDR support (HDR10, HLG).

Aimed at those looking for a second TV to go in the kitchen or bedroom, this set includes a ‘Screensaver’ mode where the TV displays calendar, weather reports and shopping list details when the screen is in standby.

It’s also another model with a strong Alexa connection, with Amazon’s digital assistant built into the set for hands-free conversations. There’s Google Assistant support for those not au fait with Amazon.

  • HD Ready
  • Tru Resolution / Tru Dimming
  • HDR10, HLG
  • Screensaver mode
  • Alexa built-in, Google Assistant also supported

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