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Playing the Nintendo Switch on a big screen, as well as the handheld mode, is the console’s key proposition. Now one bright spark has created a full-sized take on the Switch with massive and fully functional built-in controls.

YouTuber Michael Pick has built a working 65-pound device with a 4K display that’s 650% larger than the original. The body is a whopping console is 70-inches wide (compared to the 9.4-inch original) and 30-inches tall.

The wooden console, which the maker says is the world’s largest version of a Switch, uses 3D-printed buttons that are mapped to an original Joy-Con controller hidden in the build. Even the trigger buttons are functional.

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He uses a microcomputer to ensure the motors within his build can be fired-up to ensurer the correct button is pressed on the corresponding Joy-Con. The Switch itself sits within its dock, hidden away and connected to the larger display via HDMI as normal. You can see his handiwork, including the likes of Mario Kate 8 Ultimate and Fortnite running smoothly, in the YouTube video below:

The maker calls it a “fully functional” Nintendo Switch, but it does lack a touchscreen and you also can’t remove those Joy-Cons for two-player action. That’s easily solved by the compatibility with an external Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

“I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, it’s portable, but it’s really easy to lose. And for me, that was a problem,” he says in the video. “So, I decided to fix that by making something that was just a little bit larger and a little bit harder to lose.”

Pick is donating the device to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which is awfully nice of him. Given many gamers are expecting a Switch 2 with a larger 4K screen, this is somewhat of a pre-cursor, but we very much doubt Nintendo will offer us something this gigantic.

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