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OPINION: Black Friday has brought us so many incredible deals this year, but lucky as we’ve been, we still can’t help bemoaning the ones we’ve had to do without.

Just imagine the scene, after being treated to a five-course feast – free of charge – the diner wipes the corners of his mouth, calls for the waiter, and brusquely demands to know why he didn’t get a sixth course for free too.

After all the amazing deals we’ve eagerly jumped on this weekend, I can’t help but feel like exactly that breed of brat when I also dare to ask: what happened to the deals that didn’t happen this Black Friday? Yes, we’ve even seen savings on the newly-launched Pixel 6 and a whopping £500 off LG’s 48-inch C1 OLED TV, but even those eye-popping offers won’t stop me from spoiling the mood by pointing out the discounts that were conspicuous by their absence.

Tablet deals where sparse

While we’ve seen deals on tablets everywhere, especially with Amazon’s Fire range, one notable absence has been in the iPad range. Every year we wait more in hope than expectation for incredible deals from Apple, although there are sometimes pleasant surprises that do pop up now and then (this year our exclusive discount code on the iPhone 13 Pro serves as a special case in point).

Apple’s iPads are the undisputed kings of their category, so if you wanted to treat yourself to one, or tuck one away for a family member in advance of Christmas, you must no doubt feel a bit put out by your lack of options on the iPad 9 (10.2-inch). In this case it wasn’t just the lack of deals that was the problem, it was the lack of stock too, as it seems to be impossible to get your hands on one no matter how much money you’d part with, even at major retailers. A cut-price saving might have been too much for ask for, but sadly even a full-price purchase was beyond the reach of most of us this year.

Audio no shows

Some audio deals we’ve come across have been like music to our ears this Black Friday – principally the brilliant Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, which are now available for better than half their original price – but we also heard nothing but the sound of silence from a brand that’s usually noisier than ever this weekend. Apart from the Beam sound bar, Sonos has been quiet as a church mouse this year – and not only that, but our keen-eared deals experts have noticed the brand’s prices generally creeping up over the past year. Maybe Sonos is simply no longer the reliable bargain it used to be at this time of year.

Missing gaming deals

Now brace yourself because I really will be pushing my luck complaining on this score, seeing as long-suffering gamers have gone so far as paying well above asking price for the chance to get their hands on these, let alone at regular price, but ever the optimist I had been keeping my fingers crossed for some games consoles deals. Yes, I’m fully aware that Sony and Microsoft’s flagship consoles are barely a year old – and, more pertinently, that’s there’s a crippling global chip shortage in action right now that should put have paid to any of my misplaced hopes.

However, in some ways this quixotic quest went better than expected – deals on the Xbox Series S and the Nintendo Switch OLED did actually pull through – but, ever the greedy guts, I waited in vain to see similar savings on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. No such luck. If there were any, I guess those pesky bots would have got there first anyway.

Even PC gamers may have been similarly disappointed by the (only slightly) more reasonable expectation that the Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop might have seen a price cut or two. It wasn’t to be, but then again, even at its regular price it’s still well worth the cash. Similarly, graphics cards didn’t pull through with any outstanding offers. But if PC accessories are what you were searching for, at least Amazon offered a mixed selection of deals on gaming chairs, monitors, and keyboards.

So was it worth it?

Overall you’d have to say it’s still been a brilliant Black Friday full of the kinds of offers that have you blinking twice to check if you can really believe your eyes – but if you had your heart set on any of the premium products listed above that didn’t come in for a price cut, then you’d better scribble them onto your wish list and send it off to the North Pole post-haste, because at least the generous guy up there can always be counted on.

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