Nintendo has announced Pac-Man 99, a new Switch Online-exclusive battle royale game in the same vein as the popular Tetris 99 multiplayer title.

The latest take on the legendary Bandai arcade game – which is even playable as a Google Doodle these days – will see 99 gamers compete to be the last Pac-Man standing.

Players will take progress through a series of rounds, as their counterparts are picked off by ghosts. However, the twist comes through the power pellets that enable Pac-Man to chomp on the spirits chasing them around the board. Every ghost that is eaten will be sent to another board in the form of Jammer Pac-Man to attack a fellow competitor. These can slow down their movements and make them more susceptible to being caught and defeated.

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There’s also the opportunity to collect Sleeping Ghosts. After consuming power pellets they will multiply, giving players the opportunity to send a massive barrage of attacks at other players. It’ll also be possible for gamers to choose which players they wish to target. Other powers include speed boosts, while Knockout can target opponents on their last legs. The winner will be crowned the Pac-One.

The game will be free to download for Nintendo Switch subscribers, but there’s also a bunch of classic modes available as paid DLC. It’s available on April 8 (tomorrow) in the UK. You can see the launch trailer below:

Nintendo Switch Online is the company’s annual subscription platform that enables access to a library of classic NES and SNES games, as well as online multiplayer, exclusive offers and discounts. It’s not quite the robust solution provided by Xbox Live and PS Plus, but it’s also a lot more affordable at just £20 a year.

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