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If you’re no fan of the way Spotify has added podcasts to the main app, then the company’s rumoured next move is going to please you even less.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the company wants to increase the visibility of its Greenroom live audio app by adding it to the main app.

The report says Spotify plans to change the name of the Clubhouse rival to Spotify Live as part of the switch to the main app. It may also require all Greenroom users to have a Spotify account, which hasn’t been the case until now.

News of the upcoming switch was found within the Spotify iPhone app by developer Steve Moser, while Bloomberg was able to confirm through its own sources. Spotify hasn’t commented on the matter.

The Greenroom app, which encourages live conversation among groups of people, was only acquired by Spotify last year and was previously known as Locker Room. It seems another rebrand might be on the way.

Spotify bills it as a place to talk about the music you love, debate fantasy sports picks, or just to hang out with friends. It’s possible to browse groups on a massive range of subjects, like comedy, sports, music production, artist interviews, celebrity talent. It’s also easy for people to begin their own conversations and see who tunes in.

Real time audio has quickly become a densely populated space, with Clubhouse leading the way. It’s possible to create live podcasts, with people able to chime in and join in the conversation. There are millions of rooms with many big name creators on board.

Spotify is quickly becoming a destination for all audio content, rather than just music. The company has invested unfathomable amounts of cash in acquiring top podcasters, like Joe Rogan and Bill Simmons, in recent years, which has introduced controversies beyond ‘do podcasts belong in my music app in the first place?’

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