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Microsoft has revealed its recommended Flight Sim Accessories ahead of the Microsoft Flight Simulator launch on consoles.

The game, which is available Tuesday 27th July, will allow millions of new pilots to take to the sky on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

If you’re eager to take to the skies with Microsoft Flight Simulator here are the third-party peripherals Microsoft recommends.

Compatible with the Xbox X/S and Windows PC, the VelocityOne was designed by aeronautical engineers and pilots to give a complete and inclusive flight control system. It offers realistic controls that should help ensure all players get the chance to experience the thrill of flight.

The 180-degree yoke handle with built-in rudder controls provides precise control and the modular throttle quadrant enable players to customise their at-home experience for a realistic experience of both light and heavy aircraft.

The flight management display also offers an authentic status indicator panel, which displays real-time alerts and flight details.

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight will be available in Autumn 2021 for $349.95. You can sign up and be notified when the VelocityOne is available for pre-order using the link prior.

This accessory is a flight simulation system, designed again by pilots and aerospace engineers to provide a realistic experience.

The controls feature a 180-degree yoke rotation with upgraded hall effect sensors, which help provide smooth precision and no centre detent. On the base, there is a switch panel, that includes a master, alternator, avionics and light switches, and a spring-loaded five-position ignition switch.

Plus, the left and right handles include 13 programmable buttons and switches, so you can customise your Flight Controls the way you see fit.

The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC will be available for pre-order later this year and will release in early 2022.

The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC gives users the choice to customise the handles with 13 various buttons and switches to be programmed.
Credit: Microsoft

Pilots have been flying high with Xbox for some time now, and with the Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X, you can go for an even more immersive experience.

As a bonus, once you connect the device to your console everything should instantly be recognised by the game and configured for use right away.

This kit includes the joystick, a detachable throttle and rudder pedals with slide rails. Specifically, the T. Flight HOTAS One features the joystick and the throttle, which can be detached, which means you can customise the position for your comfort.

The joystick also comes with 14 action buttons and 5 axes, and the T. Flight Rudder Pedals bring everything to life with precise controls of the rudders and breaks.

Due to the S.M.A.R.T technology, the pedals should be able to give you a wide range of movement, and the ergonomic design allows users to put their whole foot on each pedal, thanks to the removable heel rests.

The Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X is available for pre-order and purchase on 27th July for $199.99 in the US, and pilots worldwide will have access to this bundle starting on 19th October.

And for anyone who just wants one part of this bundle, the joystick and pedals can be purchased separately.

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And for the keyboard warriors out there, Microsoft is also recommending the Razer Turret for Xbox, which includes Razer Mechanical Switches for optimised actuation and reset points.

The keyboard is also paired with a built-in mouse and mat, which supports the Razer 5G Advanced Poitcal Sensor by delivering industry-leading speed and accuracy, proving there is any way to fly.

The Razer Turret gives people who prefer a keyboard the chance to fly high as well.
Credit: Microsoft

The Razer Turret is currently on sale and available for $249.99.

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