The original The Last of Us game will always be regarded as a PS4 classic, but it was actually the PS3’s swan song remastered for the new Sony console. Now it appears The Last of Us might get another fresh lease on life thanks to a full-blown remake for PS5.

A new report from Bloomberg speaks of the as-yet-unconfirmed remake in a story focused on Sony’s possible over-reliance on blockbuster games. It says Sony had initially entrusted The Last of Us remake to a small Sony-owned studio called Visual Arts Service Group, which had been extensively used to help add some finishing touches to hit games in the past.

Sony reportedly had a change of heart and reportedly handed the remake back to its creator Naughty Dog. The report goes on to point out that Sony is largely dependent on blockbuster exclusives, coming at the expense of more niche teams under the PlayStation umbrella.

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However, that’s kinda besides the point for those who enjoyed the original The Last of Us game on PS3 or the remastered version for the PS4. A potential PS5 remake is great news, especially with a HBO adaption of Joel and Ellie’s post-apocalyptic adventures currently in production.

The Last of Us 2 can already be played on PS5, through the console’s backward compatibility feature. The game should be able to take advantage of the PS5’s Game Boost feature, which provides improved visuals and, in some cases, higher frame rates. However, that has not rolled out yet.

Naughty Dog also hasn’t confirmed a PS5-specific remastered version of one of 2020’s most beloved games.

Elsewhere in the Bloomberg report, Jason Shreider also revealed Days Gone 2 isn’t going to happen. “Although the first game had been profitable, its development had been lengthy and critical reception was mixed, so a Days Gone 2 wasn’t seen as a viable option,” he wrote.

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