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Google may launch the Pixel 5a smartphone on June 11 this year, according to a new leak.

Word comes from the increasingly active leaker Jon Prosser, who also claims a new version of the Google Pixel Buds will arrive in mid-April.

Prosser doesn’t specifically mention the Pixel 5a, but given previous years’ launch cycles, it seems this would be the obvious candidate, especially because the company usually waits until autumn for its flagship launch.

In the past, Google has unveiled mid-range Pixel ‘a’ phones around the Google I/O conference in May, so June 11 would make since considering some of the delays we’re still seeing for the launch of top tech due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, for example, the Pixel 4a didn’t arrive until August.

We’ve already seen some potential leaked images and renders for the Pixel 5a, which looked remarkably similar to the current Pixel 4a 5G phone. Rumours have suggested it’ll have a large 6.2-inch OLED display with a selfie-camera hiding in the bezel. 12-megapixel camera.

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The images suggested the device will have 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. There’s been no confirmation yet, but we’re expecting a Snapdragon 700-series processor to do the heavy lifting. It’s not clear whether Google will launch both an LTE and 5G version of the Pixel 5a or whether there’ll only be a 5G version this time.

We don’t know how much this year’s phone will cost, but that may come down to the presence of 5G. The Pixel 4a costs $349/£349, while the Pixel 4a 5G costs £499/$499.

Our reviewer Max Parker concluded of the 4a 5G: “The 4a 5G is a mash-up of both the 4a and Pixel 5 and in many ways that makes it the hardest to recommend. It lacks some of the more ‘flagship’ features of the higher-end model and is missing the downright affordable price tag of the 4a.”

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