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While Focal is best known for its speakers, it’s also been in the headphone market since 2012. They’ve served up a few belters, and they are back again with the Celestee closed-back headphones.

Yes, you are reading that right, the headphones are called Celestee (£999/€999/$990) and they join the Elegia and Stellia as part of the French manufacturer’s high-end luxury headphone range.

In terms of look, the Celestee have resisted going down the route of a black finish, opting for a more distinctive navy-blue appearance after consulting Designer & Product Colourist, Doris Bölck. It’s the first time this shade of blue has made an appearance in the Focal collection, with the brand saying it blends “harmoniously with the Soft Copper finish”. It does look rather nice.

Focal claims that the performance from the 40mm Aluminium/Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome drive units is precise, balanced and “boasts beautiful depth” in the bass regions. Impedance is 35 ohms, so it should work plenty fine with portable devices. Focal also states that the frequency response of the Celestee is 5Hz – 23kHz.

Inspiration has been taken from the Elegia headphones with the introduction of acoustic treatment inside the earcups. The earpads make use of semi-aniline leather for greater comfort and soundproofing to reduce resonance, while the leather and microfibre headband aims for optimal grip on the head. You can keep them safe on your travels with the rigid thermoformed woven carry case that matches the headphone’s navy-blue and copper aesthetic.

Doris Bölck, Designer & Product Colourist, said: “Navy is the new Black’. Dark blue is a versatile and timeless colour that has been increasing in popularity. By choosing Navy Blue, we are adding a sophisticated, sumptuous feel to the headphones. The combination of this blue with copper and bronze accents is a trend influenced by interior and accessory design, and has become popular in watchmaking and consumer electronics sectors. These shades offer a very interesting and elegant alternative to more traditional chrome and silver parts.”

The Focal Celsetee goes on sale January 2021, priced at £999/€999/$990.

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