Alexa App accessibility update

Amazon has updated its Alexa mobile app with some useful accessibility features, including text scaling and a brand-new light mode designed to improve readability.

Unlike a lot of big apps, Amazon’s Alexa didn’t start off with a light mode as its default design. The app has always presented a bluish black background to its users closer in line with the current dark mode trend.

Dark mode is well-loved for several reasons, including its ability to reduce eyestrain caused by a bright white screen, especially at night. Other benefits to using dark mode over a bright screen include improved readability of text, and even a longer battery life for those using devices that have OLED displays.

Which raises the question – why add a light mode now?

Depending on your preferences, light mode offers better readability, particularly in high-light environments. The white background also offers improved colour contrast in the daytime. Basically, some users prefer to toggle their apps from light to dark mode based on the time of day to improve readability, and this update will let them do so in the Alexa app too.

The Alexa app will also be able to switch between light or dark mode automatically based on the user’s mobile settings, meaning you won’t have to flick the switch manually.

Amazon is also rolling out text scaling to assist users with vision impairments. If you set your phone’s font size to be larger than its default font size, the Alexa app will now be able to automatically scale up its own text to match your preferences.

Both text scaling and light mode are available on iOS devices now, with Android devices set to receive them by the end February.

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