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Xbox still wants Game Pass on PS5 and Switch

Microsoft hasn’t given up hope on its Game Pass subscription service ending up on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. The top financial executive at Xbox just said the company wants to bring first-party Xbox games and the entire Game Pass offering on “every screen that can play games.” Speaking during the Wells Fargo TMT Summit, Xbox..

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Android-based devices got a massive feature drop today

Image Credit (Trusted Reviews) Google has revealed a major feature update for Android-based devices, including Android 14 smartphones, Wear OS watches, smart home devices and Google TV. The update, which is separate from the Pixel Feature Drops we often see for Google’s homegrown devices, also features some new ways to use the Google Messages. Save..

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WhatsApp ‘secret codes’ seem built for love rats

WhatsApp has announced ‘secret codes’ which adds extra layer of security for your most private chats, by completely hiding them from the conversation list. The new feature will hide chosen conversations, which can only be revealed by typing a password into the search bar. This builds on the relatively new ability to lock chats. While..

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What is an air fryer and how does it work?

An air fryer has become an increasingly popular addition to many people’s Christmas lists over the last few years.  It’s no surprise why, either. Using an air fryer is a great way to quickly cook up crispy food using less oil than traditional frying methods and less energy than a conventional oven. This might leave..

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How to turn on compact mode on the Xbox app

Image Credit (Trusted Reviews) PC gaming handhelds have taken off in the last couple of years and their prevalence shows no sign of slowing down. For the Windows variety, simplicity is a key criticism and Microsoft is trying to address it with the new compact mode for the Xbox app. So, this new compact mode..

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