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Best Garmin Watch

Garmin is currently one of the biggest names in fitness tracking with consistently high performance when we get the company’s wearables in for testing, which is why you may well be considering one as your next smartwatch. But which one should you get? This is a tricky question as Garmin currently stocks a load of..

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Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 vs Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

With the recent release of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, we thought it was time to compare it to its predecessor, the Odyssey Neo G9. Choosing a new computer monitor can be difficult, especially if you’re torn between two different generations. Since we have reviewed both the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 and the Odyssey Neo..

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How to install fonts in Photoshop

Looking to spice up your font library? Here’s how to find and install new fonts to use in Photoshop in just a few easy steps.  The easiest way to add a font to Photoshop (or indeed any Creative Cloud service) is with Adobe Fonts. Here you can find a variety of fonts available for personal..

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Lenovo Yoga vs Lenovo IdeaPad

Lenovo is known for its laptops, although it can be hard to know which range is right for you, the Yoga, or the IdeaPad? Our team has reviewed countless Lenovo laptops over the years. Since we have so much know-how on the two lineups, we’re going to be guiding you through the key differences and..

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Can you overclock a MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro M1 Pro 16-inch front with display on Overclocking your computer’s CPU can help improve performance, though it may not be advisable to overclock certain laptops. If you have been considering overclocking your MacBook Pro, you may want to think again. Just so we’re on the same page, overclocking is when you manually increase..

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iOS 16 message editing may not be that sexy after all

Apple is currently offering iOS 16 in beta and, as the company irons out some of the quirks, it’s become apparent the planned message editing feature mightn’t be as smooth as originally depicted at WWDC 2022. While the first version of the beta showed the feature wasn’t compatible with iOS 15 phones, the possible alternative..

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