Surface Go 3 vs Surface Go 2

Microsoft officially announced the Surface Go 3 today. So, what is new? Here are all the major differences you need to know. 

The Surface Go 3 is the latest device to come out of Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Go line, following in the footsteps of the Surface Go 2 and the original Surface Go. 

Read on to discover the major changes Microsoft has announced, as well as which specs and features have remained the same.  

The processor is a lot more powerful

One of the biggest upgrades coming to the Go line this year is a significantly more powerful processor. 

Where the Surface Go 3 featured 8th Gen Intel Core processors, the Surface Go 3 is powered by 10th Gen chips. This allows the Go 3 to offer 60% faster performance over the Go 3 – a massive step up in power. 

While the 10th Gen processors remain behind the 11th Gen found in the Surface Pro 8, this is nevertheless great news for the affordable tablet line. 

Windows 11 has arrived 

Another change coming to the Go 3 is the rollout of Windows 11. 

This means you’ll be able to arrange the layout of windows and apps on your display with the new Snap feature, and take advantage of the integrated Microsoft Teams.

There are also other features present on the Go 2, such as Windows Hello facial recognition for quick log-ins, Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge and Family Safety parental controls. 

The Surface Go 3 will run in Windows’ safety focussed S Mode out of the box, but the option to upgrade to full-fat Windows 11 will likely be available.

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The design is identical

It seems the rumours of an identical design were true, with virtually no differences to be found between the two Surface Go tablets physically. 

We’d have preferred a smaller bezel if possible, but we can forgive Microsoft for not giving the dinky tablet a makeover given its affordable prie.

The Surface Go 3 is slightly cheaper 

If you’re deciding between the two Go devices, you’ll be happy to hear the tablet has actually been given a slightly lower price this year. 

The Surface Go 3 will be available from October 5 with prices starting at £369. This is £30 cheaper than the Surface Go 3 which originally launched in 2020 with its own price starting at £399.

That said, the Surface Go 2 has since been discounted to £359, so is cheaper than its newer sibling if you’re deciding between the two.

Some new accessories 

Alongside the Surface Go 3, Microsoft launched the new Surface Slim Pen 2 and the Ocean Plastic Mouse made from 20% recycled materials. 

Both are presumably compatible with the Surface Go 3 and the Surface Go 2, but we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to officially confirm this.

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