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It’s now easier to find your favourite music in Spotify thanks to a long-overdue update to the Library section of the mobile app.

The update, rolling out in the next week on iOS and Android, adds an easy search option for items users have already added to their collection. There’s also some dynamic filters added, making it possible to single out Playlists, Artists, Albums, Podcasts & Shows.

And, thank the heavens, it’s now easier to separate out the music you have downloaded for offline enjoyment. The Downloaded filter is also available within the new Your Library tab.

Spotify is also providing the ability to sort the library alphabetically, by recently played, or by creator name. The latter is probably more useful for those using the app for podcasts.

It’s also possible to view liked content in a grid that showcases album art, while the albums you’re playing on loop can be pinned to the top of the library for easy access.

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“Now, you’ll have a more streamlined way to easily explore your collection and find your saved music and podcasts faster,” the company says in a blog post. “Your Library’s updated design and added features will enable you to spend less time looking for content and organising your collection, and more time rediscovering the music and podcasts you’ve loved over the years.”

It’s been a busy week for Spotify with the announcement it is introducing paid podcast subscriptions to rival Apple’s efforts. Spotify says it won’t take any revenue from creators until 2023. The company also announced it is raising prices in the UK and beyond, which was less well received.

Elsewhere, CEO Daniel Ek, while plotting his takeover at Arsenal, says Live Audio is going to be the next major feature in the streaming age. In a call to investors (via TechCrunch), he said: “[Live audio] is really no different than how you think about Stories.

“Stories today exist on a format on a number of platforms, including Spotify, including, of course, Instagram, Snap and many others. So, I do look at [live audio] as a compelling feature set, and I think creators will engage in the places where they have the best sort of creator-to-fan affinity for the type of interactions that they’re looking for. And I think this is very similar to say how Stories played out historically.”

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