The new Sonos Move speaker is receiving a firmware update to enable the excellent Auto Trueplay feature to work over Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi.

When the audio giant announced the new, portable Sonos Roam on Tuesday, it revealed the environment-mapping EQ tech, which optimises sound in any room, would be available over both connectivity standards.

This appeared to give the Roam an advantage over the larger, more powerful and much more expensive Sonos Move. However, a firmware updated brings Auto Trueplay parity to both of these contenders for the best Bluetooth speakers.

What this will mean is a better audio experience away from Wi-Fi, without having to tinker with the EQ. Until now Move owners have only been able to experience the feature while in range of a Wi-Fi connection, but the update through the Sonos app has remedied that. In our initial review of the Sonos Move, we were quite impressed with the quality of the Auto Trueplay feature.

Our own Kob Monney wrote: “The Move also heralds the introduction of Sonos’ Auto Trueplay feature. Trueplay tunes a Sonos speaker to its environment but as it was only available on iOS – Sonos trusts the quality of the mics in iOS more than it does with Android’s varied manufacturers – Auto Trueplay democratises the process by removing the need for the app completely.

“It’s constantly listening and adjusting the music depending on the speaker’s placement. The effect might be subtle at first, but you’ll soon be able to tell the moment when the speaker acclimatises to its new surroundings, with the process taking not more than a few seconds.”

At less than half of the price and size, the Sonos Roam looks like it’ll be an extremely attractive option for those seeking a great-sounding, affordable Bluetooth speaker. However the Move might still be the garden party king. Remember those?

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