Ikea Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker lamp on
It looks like a lamp but it sounds like a Sonos speaker

The Sonos Roam portable speaker became available today, but the multi-room audio giant is also prepping new additions to partnership with IKEA.

Sonos teased the arrival of new Symfonisk speakers via its Instagram Stories on Tuesday with individual posts reading “looks”, “like” and “Syomfonisk” followed by both companies’ logos.

The Story post was noticed by Pocket-Lint and has since been confirmed in a statement issued to Trusted Reviews. “The partnership is stronger than ever and we’re excited about the products we’re working on together,” a Sonos spokesperson said. “We look forward to sharing more when the time is right.”

The Sonos Ikea range is designed to fit amongst your home decor and is even built into household objects like lamps, as well as bookshelf speakers. It’s not clear when the next iteration will arrive, but we’re excited to see what Sonos and IKEA have in store.

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Our 2019 review of the Sonos Ikea Symfonisk Speaker yielded an impressive 4.5 stars from a possible five. It earned praise for its great sound, smart bulb support and the ability to fit into your home’s style. It fell down slightly on the harsher high-end sound and the large size, but otherwise was a huge and somewhat surviving success.

Our reviewer wrote: “The Sonos Ikea Symfonisk Speaker is built to fit into your home – providing a full multi-room audio experience from Sonos and the style and functionality of an Ikea lamp. The speaker sounds fantastic, delivering a rich and involving sound stage that impresses, and you can even stereo pair a set. If you like the look of this lamp, then it’s a neat way to add music to a room without adding extra clutter, or having a traditional speaker on show. Given the price and sound quality, this is a great buy and it’s nice to have so much range in the Sonos line.”

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