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Workplace productivity app Slack has announced a new and long overdue Scheduled Send feature, which, if used correctly, is likely to be a relief to users bombarded by after-hours messages from colleagues.

Rolling out today, the tool will enable users to select a time and date when they would like the message to be delivered to the intended recipient. There’ll be a host of default options, such as the obvious ones like “tomorrow at 9am” but users will also be able to customise fully, up to 120 days in advance. That one could be fun, if you know you’re leaving the company.

The option will be accessible via a drop-down arrow next to the send button within the desktop app. If you’re on mobile, you’ll still be able to schedule the message by long-pressing on the send button.


“Today we launched Scheduled Send to empower users to communicate and collaborate in a way that works best for them,” Slack said. It added that teams in different parts of the world “shouldn’t be obligated to sync their schedules in order to communicate effectively.”

The update will also be good news for users who need to send a message but are worrying about disturbing teammates who may not be off duty.

This is long overdue. I’m delighted, personally, to see this feature arrive. We use Slack at Trusted Reviews to communicate with each other. As a US-based writer, there’s often information I want to pass onto the UK guys, but feel sheepish about sending the messages in case they disturb a well, earned Friday night for example. Being able to schedule this message for opening time the following working day ends this necessary anxiety and awkwardness. Given the increasingly remote nature of work, following the pandemic, and plenty of companies having offices all over the world, it makes plenty of sense to be able to schedule messages for certain rooms, as well as direct messages.

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