Sennheiser Ambeo OS

Sennheiser has announced a ‘major’ software update to its Smart Control app, rolling out its new AMBEO|OS to provide AMBEO soundbar users “with an even more immersive 3D home audio experience.”

First off, let’s start with AMBEO|OS part of the announcement. This update offers users more ways to enjoy “incredibly immersive sound”, baking in support for Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect.

Sennheiser says that every aspect of AMBEO|OS has been “meticulously optimised” for a smooth and intuitive experience. It utilises Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth (which makes this sound similar to Sonos’ OS) for what’s claimed to be faster and more responsive experience, as well as giving the operating system more security and stability.

Users can also choose to control their AMBEO Soundbar via a dedicated web interface, with the same control and ease of use present, along with “a range of future-proof options to integrate their soundbar” into their smart home.

The AMBEO|OS feature comes as part of a revamp of the entire Smart Control app experience. The all-new app aims to mesh modern aesthetics with a more personal and intuitive user experience.

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New features have been added with Sound Check and Sound Zones. The former guides users through the process of creating an EQ preset that matches their audio tastes, while the latter lets true wireless users tailor EQ settings, noise cancellation and transparent hearing features to defined places such as their home, office or when they’re out and about, allowing settings to be dynamically adjusted based on your location.

Personalisation is said to have been improved with the ability to transfer settings and customisations between Sennheiser devices more easily. There’s now an in-app Disovery area littered with product news and updates about all things Sennheiser.

Maximilian Voigt, Product Manager for Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar said: “The all-new AMBEO|OS is a gamechanger for our AMBEO Soundbar, and we are certain our customers are going to love it. By offering even more audio streaming providers and an improved user experience, Sennheiser customers will enjoy personalised high-resolution audio streaming with enhanced features.”

The free update is available today (March 29th) for all Smart Control and AMBEO soundbar users.

2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Sennheiser

It appears Sennheiser is readying the app ahead of a new Momentum True Wireless earphone (in April) and AMBEO soundbar that’s expected later in the year. At their Consumer Event in March, both products were sighted, with the soundbar not a replacement for the current AMBEO model but a new product with a lower price point.

An executive said that “I cannot reveal details when it comes to design but expect a very similar experience in the normal price ranges what the competition is playing. And that will be happening this year already. That’s the plan.”

Considering the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar is one of the finest, if not the best, soundbar around, I’m excited to see what Sennheiser can do with a smaller, more affordable effort. The performance the AMBEO soundbar can produce from a single enclosure is astonishing.

Hopefully this new model won’t be as mammoth as the current design, but with all-in-one Atmos soundbars in vogue at the moment, it’ll hopefully save space and cash, and this refresh of the app will make using it and other Sennheiser products more convenient. There were a few worries about what would happen to the Sennheiser Consumer division after its sale to Sonora, but it looks they’re getting ready to fire on all cylinders with their 2022 product range.


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