Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung really, really loves pinching iPhone users and winning them over to a new Galaxy. And, considering iPhones made up almost 50% of the entire UK market in 2020, it’s a pretty necessary strategy.

Now Samsung New Zealand is going to the lengths of enabling iPhone users to sample a bit of the Galaxy high life right on their existing Apple handset.

Samsung has now launched a mobile website called iTest, which, once launched will display a virtual version of the Galaxy S21‘s One UI interface. Users can check out the stock apps, including the camera experience.

Some of the features don’t actually work in they way they do on the Galaxy phones, but tapping the icons will offer a little explanation as to what users can expect. Users will also receive simulated messages and phone calls and such. In order to access the mobile site, you’ll need to save it to the home screen as a web app.

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“You’re about to get a little taste of Samsung, without changing phones,” Samsung says in the We can’t replicate every function, but you should quickly see that there’s nothing daunting about switching to the other side.

For the last decade Samsung has centred its marketing strategy around convincing iPhone users to switch to Galaxy phones. The company’s ‘Next Big Thing’ campaign, which depicted Apple fans as saps for lining-up for the latest iPhones, was hugely successful, for instance.

Other more recent attempts, like mocking Apple for removing the charger from the iPhone 12 box and then doing the exact same thing with the Galaxy S21, haven’t covered the company in glory.

However, Samsung has never quite matched Apple’s dominance and has had to settle for fighting among the Android manufacturers for the other 50% of the pie. Whether the new test app, which comes from the firm’s New Zealand arm, will make much of a difference remains to be seen.

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