The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 might need to be delayed due to a Covid-19 outbreak at Samsung, according to a recent rumour.

Dutch website LetsGoDigital carries claims from YouTuber and former Samsung employee Super Roader that Samsung has been hit by a Covid-19 outbreak at one of its development buildings in South Korea.

It’s claimed that 11 employees working in the R5 Tower of the Samsung Digital City, where Galaxy devices are developed and tested, have fallen ill. Samsung reportedly took immediate action to quarantine the affected workers, and has stipulated that only 30% of employees will be allowed to come to the office, while the other 70% will have to work from home.

These measures will continue for six weeks, which effectively means the rest of the year.

While it’s not believed that this will have an effect on the Samsung Galaxy S22’s launch, it may apparently have major ramifications for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, which had been tipped to launch alongside the Galaxy S22. A delay is possible, if far from certain.

Indeed, in an associated video, Super Roader speculates that, with access to the necessary shared test equipment limited for the rest of 2021, Samsung would prioritise the launch of the Galaxy S22 over the Galaxy Tab S8.

Samsung’s tablets typically play second fiddle to its enormous smartphone business, but the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could be an interesting device. Reports claim that it is set to have a minor design overhaul, with a huge 14.6-inch display and a chunky display notch.

Whether the Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab has been delayed or not, we’re looking forward to seeing what the company has in mind for its next flagship tablet line.

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