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Samsung Vice Chairman and co-CEO Han Jong-hee has publicly apologised for the performance throttling controversy that has affected the Galaxy S22 and other Samsung phones in recent weeks.

Earlier in the month it was discovered that certain Samsung smartphone models, including some Galaxy S22 variants, were having their performance levels selectively throttled for a number of major apps. It emerged that there was a list of some 10,000 non-gaming apps that were being reigned in by Samsung’s overzealous Game Optimising Service (GOS).

Now Han Jong-hee has issued an apology for the controversy. According to The Korea Herald, the Samsung co-CEO recently issued a deep apologetic bow in front of 1,600 shareholders at an annual general meeting.

“We were unable to properly consider our consumer’s needs,” Han conceded.

Samsung has been issuing its GOS solution since 2017, but it was always possible to turn this feature off. With the Samsung Galaxy S22, however, GOS activated automatically, and also extended its effect to popular non-gaming apps. This apparently limited the Galaxy S22 to just 53.9 percent of its promised capacity, going by Geekbench 5 results.

Following a corrective update, it’s now possible to override the GOS system. This in turn has given rise to overheating concerns.

When asked about these potential safety issues, Han said that the company would “secure safety using a heat control algorithm,” and would “continue to add new functions to prevent overheating.”

Away from the whole Samsung Galaxy S22 throttling controversy, we rated the flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra pretty highly, awarding it 9 out of 10 in our review. “Most of it works fantastically well and those that bemoaned the death of the Galaxy Note will have found its successor,” we concluded.

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