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Samsung has announced a new trio of its smart computer monitors it claims will fit the needs of streamers, casters, learners, workers and manner of other media and productivity errands.

The new versions of the M-Series Smart Monitor displays are available at a number of sizes from 43-inches all the way down to 23-inches and come in 4K and HD configurations. They also arrive with support for voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

Samsung says that, whether you’re looking to steam from Netflix and Prime Video or casting from a mobile device via AirPlay 2, Samsung DeX or Tap View Mirroring from a PC or mobile device there’s plenty of opportunities to fill the screen with entertainment. A universal guide will offer suggestions from your paid subscriptions as well as free to air live and on-demand TV.

If you are rocking a recent Samsung phone that DeX compatibility means you’ll be able to benefit from a full desktop experience from the monitors, which are also Microsoft 365-compatible. They’ve got embedded Wi-Fi, meaning you won’t need a PC to view and edit documents in the cloud. Elsewhere, for this first-generation products will also include a Remote Access PC on Screen features from next month.

Here’s the long-and-short of the line up, which also includes USB-C, USB-A ports as well as Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.

The flagship model (Model: M70A) has the largest screen along with a borderless design. There’s a 4K resolution backed by HDR10. Samsung says it can quickly switch from a work device into a streaming hub, while there’s built in streaming apps and speakers.

Samsung has launched a new version of the M5 model (Model: M50A) win a new stylish white design fro both the 27-inch and 32-inch models. The company says the minimalist designs will boost your in home aesthetic. The full HD monitor, also build on Samsung’s Tizen platform, offers the same easy switching between work and entertainment modes.

This is a smaller version of the M5 that gives you full HD resolution without the need to dominate the desk. Samsung says this is ideal for those seeking a good value multi-functional monitor

We’ve already renewed the 32-inch Samsung M7 Smart Monitor model, previously the top device in the line up. At £400 it isn’t a supremely cheap buy but could tick both boxes for those who want a Smart TV and a versatile monitor but don’t want to buy both. We’re excited to get our hands on the new additions to the range. They’re unlikely to feature in the best monitors round up and definitely not the best TV options, but they’re versatile enough to gain a solid audience.

Our reviewer gave it a 4.5/5 stars. He wrote: “The Smart Monitor M7 doesn’t excel in any one area. However, by delivering solid performance across the board, plus the added benefits of Samsung’s smart TV functionality, it earns a place as one of the best options for people living and working from home in small or shared accommodation. It’s also a great option for students, although its price may be a little steep.”

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