Roku Voice Remote

Roku has announced the launch of a new voice remote that allows users to control Roku compatible devices with, well, their voice.

One aspect about Roku products we’ve noted on in reviews is that not all of its TVs, soundbars and streamers come with voice control, which is odd given that Roku does support voice search.

But with the new Roku Voice Remote that all changes. Users can not only search for content such as movies, actors, directors and TV shows, with the new OS 10.5 update, you can dictate email addresses and passwords instead of using the onscreen keyboard (which is a time saver), as well as launch channels, TV series or even bring up your favourite music album to listen to.

The new Voice Remote also comes toting features such as control over TV power and volume controls, allowing for simultaneous control over a TV and Roku products (which is handy considering some Roku products don’t allow for that).

Its compatible with all Roku TV models. We’ve included a list of other products the remote is compatible with below.

Device Model
 Roku Streambar  9102
 Roku Express  3900, 3930
 Roku Express+  3910, 3931
 Roku HD  3932
 Roku Express 4K  3940
 Roku Express 4K+  3941
 Roku Streaming Stick  3600, 3800
 Roku Streaming Stick+  3810, 3811
 Roku Streaming Stick 4K  3820
 Roku Streaming Stick 4K+  3821
 Roku Premiere  3920, 4620
 Roku Premiere+  3921, 4630
 Roku Ultra  4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, 4800
 Roku Ultra LT  4662, 4801
 Roku 2  4210
 Roku 3  4200, 4230
 Roku 4  4400

You can upgrade your Roku remote to the new Voice Remote right now. The remote is available from Amazon and Very for £19.99.

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