Rocket League sideswipe

Psyonix is building a brand new version of the insanely popular arcade-style, football-meets-racing title Rocket League for mobile devices and it’s coming this year.

Rocket League Sideswipe, announced today, will be exclusive for iOS and Android will literally change your perspective. The 2D side-on action will offer 2 vs 2 matches that will only last a couple of minutes.

Indeed, the game looks as if it’s designed for fast-paced, high scoring action, but there’s also off-pitch rankings and car customisation options when you’re taking a breather. Naturally, there’s online play so you can take on, or join forces, with friends far and wide.

“Rocket League Sideswipe will feature mobile controls that are easy to pick up whether you’re a master of Rocket League or a new player still learning your way around the field,” the company says in an announcement promising more details will be announced in the coming months.

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There’s an early Alpha version of the game is already available via the Google Play Store, but only in Australia and New Zealand. More betas are coming in the next few months. We’d expect the game to be free-to-play with in-app purchases, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s the gameplay trailer showing off that fast-paced action with vehicles that look a little more like matchbox cars than their full-sized counterparts:

Rocket League has been a multi-platform mega-hit and its addictive gameplay has hooked players of all ages. It’s also been a pioneer for cross-network play, breaking down the hardware boundaries among those who just wanted to enjoy playing games with friends on Xbox, PlayStation, PC or Nintendo machines.

We’re really excited to see what Psyonix, now under the ownership of Epic Games, can bring to the table for the first mobile-friendly version of its most impactful game. Share your own thoughts with us @trustedtreviews on Twitter.

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