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Ring’s Radar-based motion detection has proved itself to be able to reduce the number of notifications a device sends smartly. Launching in the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, the technology also made it into the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. It’ll come as no surprise that Ring is now starting to push the technology into other devices, starting with the Spotlight Cam Pro.

Spotlight Cam Pro adds radar motion detection

With radar, Ring devices can monitor the distance and angle of an object moving in front of a camera. With this 3D Motion Detection, Ring devices can be set up to only record motion at specific thresholds.

Combined with traditional motion detection zones, the two technologies can dramatically reduce the number of alerts and recordings a device creates.

This feature makes it to the Spotlight Cam Pro, a new version of the popular Spotlight Cam, which has a light that turns on when motion is detected. 

Alongside 3D Motion Detection is Bird’s Eye View, which shows an satellite image how motion was triggered: the path that a delivery person took through your garden, for example.

As with the regular Spotlight Cam, there’s a 1080p sensor, 140-degree camera and colour night vision. 

The Spotlight Cam Pro is available to pre-order now from Amazon for £199.99, shipping on 26 October 2022. It is available as a plug-in or battery model.

Spotlight Cam Plus adds colour night vision

The Spotlight Cam Plus is a second choice. This doesn’t have the radar of the Pro model, but it is an upgrade on the original Spotlight Cam, adding colour night vision into the mix, alongside the spotlight, 1080p sensor and 140-degree field of view.

This model is available in battery and plug-in models, available to pre-order from Amazon now for £179.99, shipping on 26 October 2022. In the coming months, wired (£199.99) and solar (£209.99) versions will be available.

Bird’s Eye Zones add smarter motion detection

Bird’s Eye Zones are a new feature coming to the radar products. This will use a satellite map, similar to Bird’s Eye View, where you can set specific motion detection zones, further cutting down on false alerts and an overload of notifications.

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