Ring Glass Break Sensor

Launching with just the basic sensors, the Ring Alarm has since been updated with additional add-ons, including an outdoor siren. Today at CES 2022, the company has announced the Glass Break Sensor.

A hockey-puck style device, the new sensor can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk. It’s effectively a microphone that uses AI technology to listen out for glass breaking – a clear sign of forced entry (or at least, attempted entry).

Ring says that the AI powering the sensor can tell the difference between valid glass breaking events, such as a window being smashed, and events that could sound similar, such as jingling keys or dishes being put away.

You can add multiple sensors to your Ring Alarm setup, with each one working at a maximum distance of 25-feet (7.62 metres). That kind of range makes it easy to cover larger rooms with big doors or windows.

By default, all detected glass break events are sent to your phone, regardless of the mode that your alarm is set to. However, you can also choose to have your Ring Alarm sound the siren (indoor and/or outdoor) when in Home or Away modes.

This sensor adds to the existing window/door and motion sensors of the original, plus you can integrate your Ring cameras into your alarm system, having them arm and disarm automatically based on your alarm’s mode. Given that the Ring Alarm uses Z-Wave, it’s possible (likely, even) that Ring will continue to expand the range of sensors available for its system.

We would like to see a keyfob as an arming/disarming option, as this method is generally easier than the current option of using the keypad or app.

Rival alarm company, SimpliSafe, for example, has temperature, water and smoke sensors available for its product, pushing into environmental monitoring, not just security.

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Max Parker
19 hours ago

The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is available for £35 and will ship on February 16 2022. We’ve requested a review sample and will update our Ring Alarm review once we’ve had time to test it thoroughly.

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