We have to confess that we don’t give Europe the credit they deserve. Unintentionally of course, but we’re guilty. We try our best to cover events all over the world but without having photographers in those areas it makes it a bit harder at times. The more time we spend looking over these photos the more we start to see the how different parts of Europe build their cars. Not only different styles but different makes and models as well. For example, take a trip towards the Scandinavian countries and you’ll see slammed Volvo’s with a ton of power more than anywhere else in the world. Same can be said about the United Kingdom and the amount of incredible VW’s/BMW & Audi’s these guys have. It’s sinoly unmatched. What makes Central Europe so unique is the variety of cars and styles, and that, we LOVE. Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more. We promise you’ll love them!

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