The PSVR 2 is the next virtual headset from Sony, and is confirmed to support the PS5.

Sony has already confirmed via the PlayStation Blog that the next headset will offer improved resolution and field of view, while also requiring a single cable to connect up to your console.

New leaks have potentially given us a closer look at these specs, with PSVR Without Parole claiming (verified by UploadVR) that Sony recently held a private conference for developers, detailing new information. The PSVR 2 will apparently feature a 4000×2040 resolution (2000×2040 per eye) and an HDR OLED panel with a 110-degrees field of view. Such specs would leapfrog the Oculus Quest 2.

Sony has also revealed that it will launch new controllers for the PSVR 2, with “a greater focus on ergonomics” while borrowing some key features found inside the PS5 DualSense controller.

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The PSVR 2 won’t launch this year, making 2022 the absolute earliest we’ll see the VR headset hit stores.

A ‘Holiday 2022’ release would make a lot of sense, but we’ll have to wait on more information from Sony to know for sure.

There’s no confirmation regarding price for the PSVR 2 just yet, with Sony likely to reveal pricing closer to the release date.

The existing PSVR headset currently costs £249.99 in a starter pack, while Sony’s closest rival (the Oculus Quest 2) was priced at £299 when it first launched. Sony will likely stick to a similar price, although the boosted specs may result in it being more expensive than its predecessor.

PSVR 2: Everything you need to know

PSVR 2: Everything you need to know

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Sony is yet to confirm any specs for the PSVR 2, but YouTube channel PSVR without Parole claims (verified by UploadVR) that Sony recently held a private conference with developers and briefed them on new PSVR 2 details.

This information was seemingly leaked, with PSVR without Parole suggesting the PSVR 2 will have a 4000 x 2040 resolution (2000 x 2040 per eye), which leapfrogs the pixel count of the Oculus Quest 2.

Sony will also apparently be fitting the headset with an HDR OLED panel, which should boost the contrast of the screen for more punchy colours. The reports also suggest the field of view should also be increased to 110 degrees, allowing you to see more of the in-game world at any given moment.

PSVR 2 (rumoured) Oculus Quest 2 PSVR
Resolution (per eye) 2000 x 2040 1832 x 1920 960 x 1080
Field of view 110 degrees 89 degrees 100 degrees
Refresh rate ? 120Hz 120Hz

It also seems like Sony will make use of technology such as foveated rendering, which uses eye-tracking technology to improve the image quality of what you’re currently looking at, saving resources on rendered objects in your peripheral vision.

The one key differentiator between the PSVR 2 and Oculus Quest 2 will be that the former will not have an internal CPU or GPU and will so require a connection to the PS5 to function. Sony has confirmed that its next VR headset will use a single cord for setup, making it a more streamlined approach to the existing PSVR headset.

Sony has confirmed it will be launching new VR controllers alongside the PSVR 2 with a “focus on great ergonomics” while also making use of some the technology found inside the PS5 DualSense controller.

PSVR without Parole has also claimed these upcoming controllers could support ‘capacitive touch sensors’ which will allow them to detect whether you’re fingers are touching the controllers or even how far away they are.

Finger-tracking technology has been rumoured previously, with reporting on published patent application from Sony.

The parent shows that the controllers could be capable of tracking precise finger movements much like the Oculus Touch and Valve Index, opening several new avenues in terms of gameplay and general interactivity. It would be a vast improvement over PlayStation Move, which continues to use technology from over a decade ago, and to be honest it’s more than noticeable. 


The patent also shows that the controllers could implement trigger buttons with increased vibration and haptic feedback, which looks to be the ‘DualSense’ features that Sony previously teased.

Patents are rarely a reliable indicator for what to expect in upcoming products, but this particular one seems to be backed up by various other reports, so it may be worth keeping an eye on.

The recent leak from PSVR without Parole also indicates that Sony is looking to secure AAA titles for the PSVR 2. This would involve ensuring traditional 2D games will also have an option VR mode, following previous successes with the likes of Hitman 3, Resident Evil 7 and No Man’s Sky.

Backwards compatibility for games from the current PSVR headset is yet to be confirmed, although we’d be surprised if they’re not ported over at the very least.

We also expect Sony to push more exclusive VR-first games following the launch of the PSVR 2 headset, with the likes of Astro Bot Rescue Mission proving a success previously.

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