The PS5 has been out worldwide since November 2020 but has been mostly unavailable due to stock shortages.

Sony’s latest console is an absurdly powerful and fast machine that allows players to enjoy old and new games. It has been in high demand since its release last year, so has been difficult to find in stock. 

To ensure you have all the latest information on the PS5 stock, make sure you bookmark this page and check back here for updates on the best deals on the market. 

Since Sony is using a queue system for the PS5 stock, it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to snatch up the console, especially with supply shortages in shops.

With restocks in early June and July, it’s surprising that the console has managed to remain so elusive for so long, but most sites have run out of units, with some disappearing within an hour of release. 

To help you keep a keen eye on things, we use the Squirrel widget (below) on our site, which keeps track of all retailers selling the PS5, as well as the cheapest prices and deals available across the web. This means that if you check back here, we’ll be able to tell you the best deals and retailers so you can get your hands on a console. 

For those looking to purchase in the UK, many of the shops have been restocking steadily since its release, with retailers like Amazon UK even allowing you to set up email notifications so you’ll be the first to hear about the new stock. 

Some of the major shops that will be selling the PS5 are

  • Amazon UK: Out of stock
  • Sony: Out of stock
  • Currys PC World: Out of stock
  • John Lewis: Out of stock
  • Smyths Toys: Out of stock
  • Asda: Out of stock
  • Tesco: Out of stock
  • Game UK: Out of stock
Customers are struggling to purchase the new PS5 console, with shops running out of stock in hours.

Similar issues have been happening across the pond, and many people in America have also struggled to purchase the console. However, there are a few retailers that do still have some units for sale.

Some of the major shops selling the PS5 in the US are:

  • Amazon US: Out of stock
  • Walmart: PS5 Video Game Console and PS5 Digital Edition available from $911 
  • Sony: Out of stock
  • Game: Out of stock 
  • Best Buy: Out of stock
  • Target: Out of stock
  • GameStop: Out of stock

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Covid-19 plays a big part in why it’s been so hard to get your hands on the PS5, with manufacturing and shipping times made longer, with Sony itself admitting on launch day that there would likely be a short supply and “not everybody” would be able to buy the console on the release date. 

Plus, the need for GPUs (graphic processing units) in PS5 consoles have also halted production, as the global supply chain was severely affected when Covid-19 hit last year.

It’s also important to make sure you’re buying from reputable sources, as scammers and scalpers have been inflating the price by buying in bulk. Always ensure that you are buying from a trusted site that you recognize, and check reviews and comments so you know that other customers were happy with their purchase. 

If you’re still trying to get your hands on the PS5 but haven’t had any luck, you can check out our reviews of major titles like Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Demon’s Souls, to see what games you should add to your collection when you finally get the chance to play. 

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