Our latest look at the best Prime Day deals sees a compact Samsung soundbar attract our attention. And it’s received a huge discount.

The Samsung HW-S60T is rival to the Sonos Beam‘s compact soundbar crown, but this deal may give you second thoughts about considering the Sonos as the Samsung has received a £200 discount, bringing it from £399 to £199.

Deal: Get the Samsung HW-S60T for £199 (down from £399)

During last year’s Black Friday, the soundbar was reduced by 25% (£100), but now you’re getting 50% off the asking price.

We gave this a recommended four-stars rating back in August 2020, so this is a deal we heartily endorse. Compared to some of Samsung’s other soundbars, the S60T carries a more stylish look, dressed in Kvadrat material and available in either black of grey to suit your interior décor.

You won’t get support for Dolby Atmos or DTS:X soundtracks as this is a speaker that’s built more for casual audiences and sheer convenience. The features reflect this with built-in Alexa for those who are in the Amazon ecosystem. There’s a choice of Spotify Connect, Deezer and TuneIn for flinging your tunes at the soundbar through the respective apps or Samsung’s SmartThings app.

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It’s as adept with music as it is with other content with Hi-res audio support included among the specs. The S60T’s music performance engages, delivering a nice, confident presentation with a good amount detail and clarity.

Given that it’s a one-box unit there’s no subwoofer included, though you can add compatible Samsung subwoofer and rear speaker package. Bass is decent enough, especially if you’re not interested in shaking the floor or disturbing your neighbours, and with its side-firing horn speakers, the Samsung S60T can produce a sound that’s bigger and wider than you’d expect.

There are some other AI smarts too in the Adaptive Sound feature. It refines the audio performance based on the type of content you’re watching, so it can bring more clarity to voices in a news report or it could make other scenes sound bigger and taller.

Deal: Get the Samsung HW-S60T for £199 (down from £399)

The Samsung HW-S60T is soon to be replaced by the S61A, but in our minds that makes this a deal you ought to at least mull over if you’re in the market for a compact soundbar. The S61A costs £399, so this is your best chance to get this Samsung soundbar for the low price of £199.

Trusted Take

If you don’t have room for a big surround system and require something more manageable, the Samsung S60T is a solid bet. You’ll get convenience in the size and smart features, good audio quality with music, broadcast TV and films, and then stylish good looks that go against the typical boxy soundbar aesthetic.


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