Polk Monitor XT family

Polk Audio has announced the Monitor XT Series, a range of speakers certified for Hi-Res Audio and Dolby Atmos.

The Monitor XT Series is an evolution of the manufacturer’s Monitor speaker line, with the latest development pushing further in terms of sound but still aiming for a cost-effective performance. According to Polk, the Monitor XT speakers aim to “enhance the experience of music, movies, TV and game sound”.

Available in a variety of models, customers have the choice to build a home theatre or hi-fi system that suits their listening space and budget. The Monitor XT Series line-up features two floorstanders, slim and full-size centre channels, two bookshelf models, a 12-inch powered subwoofer and a height module for object surround sound such as Atmos.

All Monitor XT Series speakers have been timbre-matched to provide consistent sound quality, so it’s easy to mix and match models to create a speaker set-up.

The Monitor XT loudspeakers feature Hi-Res Audio Certified Terylene dome tweeters that are said to faithfully reproduce audio beyond 40kHz. High frequency performance is claimed to offer both a spaciousness and a sense of “extreme clarity”.

Top half of Polk Monitor XT60 floorstander

Bass performance has been strengthened in the floorstanding models, with Polk pairing the Dynamically Balanced woofers with responsive passive radiators. This is in combination with “meticulously engineered” crossover networks designed to produce “sparkling detail, lifelike midrange and punchy tonal delivery” with ultra-low distortion performance.  

Polk Monitor XT90 height speaker

Considering it supports object-based audio, the range features dedicated height speakers in the MXT90, which are capable or playing Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D content. They’re best suited to be positioned on top of the Monitor XT20, XT60 or XT70 loudspeakers; on a shelf, or wall-mounted.

Polk Monitor XT12 subwoofer

Packing some beefy basslines is the Monitor XT12 powered subwoofer, housed within a rigid low-resonance cabinet. With a 12-inch long-throw, Dynamically Balanced woofer powered by a 100-Watt Class A/B amplifier, it can deliver bass down to 24Hz.

Sub connections include line-level (RCA) and LFE inputs with users able to fine-tune the performance with variable crossover, polarity and volume adjustments.

Polk Monitor XT speaker series

All of the Monitor XT models are finished in Midnight Black, and are available to purchase from the Polk Audio website and authorised dealers worldwide.

Polk Audio Monitor XT prices

  • XT12 Powered Subwoofer – €329 / £299 / $299 each
  • XT15 Bookshelf – €179 / £149 / $149 per pair
  • XT20 Bookshelf – €249 / £249 / $249 per pair
  • XT30 Centre Channel – €149 / £169 / $149 each
  • XT35 Centre Channel (slim) – €279 / £199 / $249 each
  • XT60 Tower – €399 / £349 / $398 per pair
  • XT70 Tower – €599 / £499 / $598 per pair
  • XT90 Height Channel – €199 / £179 / $149 per pair

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