The Pokemon Company has announced it will be holding an online presentation tomorrow to celebrate the beloved franchises’ 25th anniversary. 

It has been confirmed that the livestream will last for approximately 20 minutes, and is set to include a variety of news and announcements surrounding the Japanese property. 

Taking place on February 26 at 3pm GMT, we’re expecting the presentation to include extensive details on the 25th anniversary and new games in development for the franchise. Here’s hoping that long rumoured Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake makes an appearance.

The announcement of the stream doesn’t provide any clues regarding what will be shown beyond it being expected to last for around 20 minutes. Previous streams saw the reveals of games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, New Pokemon Snap and Let’s Go, Eevee/Pikachu. 

Launching back in 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield was the last major entry in the franchise, so it’s roughly time for a new one or a spin-off to emerge. Here’s what I thought in my 4/5 review: “Sword and Shield is an excellent entry in Game Freak’s iconic franchise, pushing the series forward in some exciting ways while never forgetting the roots that made it so loved in the first place.

While it underwhelms in its visuals and under-baked use of new ideas, the act of exploring Galar and catching creatures remains as delightfully compelling as it’s ever been – and that’s what really matters in the end.” Sword and Shield was expanded upon further with two expansions throughout 2020, providing players with ample reason to catch ’em all.

This week will also see Sony host a State of Play presentation to showcase a number of new games coming to PS4 and PS5. Don’t expect Pokemon to show up there though, since the franchise is found exclusively on Nintendo platforms and mobile devices. Still, it’s a very exciting handful of days for gaming news!

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