One of the joys of the Apple TV app is its ability to keep tabs on what you’re watching, across a variety of streaming apps. That way you don’t have to go rooting around in apps to play the next episode in your queue.

However, what’d make this feature really fly is the ability to integrate the Plex library, so we can easily access the next episode of the shows stored on a home server.

And for a second there, it looked like that might be on the way. A keen-eyed observer noted the latest Plex for tvOS beta (available in TestFlight) offered integration with the Apple TV app.

Unfortunately, it appears the only titles offered within Plex’s own free streaming service will surface within the Next Up section of the app. The Plex streaming service does feature a wealth of TV shows and movies, but we’d certainly prefer to see the home-stored files pop-up in Apple TV too.

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Plex servers have become convenient means of storing and playing a massive array of AV content, without troubling the hard-drives of the computers that are in use. Essentially they allow users to create their own streaming services, based upon all of digital files they’ve amassed down the years.

The software works with laptops, phones, some smart TVs, as well as Fire TV. The software is cable of intelligently organising and managing your media files, ensuring all of the proper thumbnails are in place. Regardless of the file format, Plex can reformat on the go, ensuring the files are compatible with your chosen playback device.

We’ve got an excellent guide to setting up your own Plex media server, if you’re so inclined.

Are you a longtime Plex user? Would full Apple TV app integration be on your wish list? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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