Street Fighter 6

Sony held its latest State of Play live stream on Thursday June 2. The PlayStation maker offered updates on Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy 16, A Resident Evil 4 remake and plenty of VR news. Here are the key announcements for PS5 and PSVR 2.

One of the more noteworthy State of Play addresses in recent times, Sony brought updates on a number of key PlayStation franchises, introduced new gameplay trailers for big games, and set the table for the second half of 2022 and 2023.

Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer

Capcom is promising a “brand new era” for Street Fighter when the sixth major instalment arrives in 202. It promises new modes that “reimagine” the fighting experience, accessible controls for newcomers and a challenge for those who’ve been enjoying the franchise for 35 years.

The trailer shows us familiar faces like Chun-Li and Ryu (surely he’s older than Ric Flair now?) as well as some new characters – Jamie and Luke. His special move is a pretty sick DDT, Jake The Snake style. There’s a new arcade mode and training mode and new modes called World Tour and Battle Hub.

The game is being built on the same development RE Engine used to make the most recent Resident Evil games and Devil May Cry 5. You can see the trailer and read more about Street Fighter 6 in the blog post here.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Capcom used State of Play to officially announce a full remake of Resident Evil 4, the classic survival horror game from 2005. The game set the table for the modern Resi, moving the franchise into the modern era. There’ll be a new, reimagined story, while the controls and graphics are being updated too. It’s coming out on PS5 on March 24 2023. Here’s more info, while you can see the trailer below…

Resident Evil Village for PSVR2

Speaking of Resident Evil, the latest key instalment in the series will have mode for PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2), whenever that hardware might launch. The story campaign will be entirely playable in VR, Capcom says.

“The PS VR2 system is currently in development, and Resident Evil Village will be able to provide an even deeper immersive experience by taking full advantage of the vivid graphics possible with the headset’s 4K HDR display, PlayStation VR2’s eye tracking, PS5’s 3D Audio and more,” Capcom says.

New Final Fantasy XVI trailer

The next Final Fantasy game is on the way, that much we knew, but Square Enix is now delving deeper into what to expect from the new title and committing to a PS5 launch window of Summer 2023. You can read more about the game here and see the new Dominants trailer below.

Horizon updates

Sony also revealed the trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain for PSVR2. You can see that below. Meanwhile, there’s a new update for Horizon Forbidden West, which is now available. It includes the New Game+ feature and an Ultra Hard mode (that’s a pass from me). Here’s all the info.

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