A new advert for the Pixel 6 offers a first view of the phone being held, while an ostensibly innocent social media post may just have tipped an October 19 release date.

Google’s forthcoming flagship phone has to have been one of the most extensively detailed prior to launch ever – largely thanks to Google itself. However, one thing we haven’t yet seen is the phone being used by a living, breathing human.

Until now, that is. Google has just issued a brief 30 second teaser video for the Pixel 6. In amongst all the bright colours, bold fonts, and familiar renders are four snippets of the phone actually being used (or pretending to be used) by real people.

We only catch glimpses of the phone from the back – on one occasion being stuffed into a back pocket – but it’s still nice to be able to ground this unique-looking phone in the real world. Albeit a glossy, prettied-up version of the real world.

The main thrust of the ad is to highlight how the Pixel 6 will learn from how you use it, and apparently get better over time. And also to unveil what will presumably be Google’s tagline for the phone: “For All You Are”.

It also shows off stock Android 12’s gnarly new design – colour-matched clock widgets and all.

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Pixel 6 release date tipped

While Google has been showing its new flagship in use, it may also have tipped us as to the Pixel 6 release date.

Over on the official Made by Google Instagram page (via 9to5Google), it posted an image showing off the phone’s aforementioned stylised UI and in particular its ‘Material You’ themes and widgets.

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Among the latter is the Calendar widget, and the dates on these all point to ‘Tuesday 19’. The only 2021 date this could refer to is October 19, which would fall right in line with Google’s approximate autumn timeline for a Pixel 6 release.

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