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The Pixel 6 Pro is official, marking the return of a larger Google phone to join the Pixel 6. It’s got a brand new design and a sweet new Google–made Tensor processor. Here’s everything we know about the Pixel 6 Pro so far.

The Pixel 6 Pro will launch alongside the standard Pixel 6 later this year. Google surprisingly announced both phones on Monday August 2 promising more details ahead of the official release “this fall”.

We don’t know everything about the phone yet, but Google is showcasing the new design for its Android 12 flag-bearer, offered some insight into colours and materials and the AI-centric Tensor processor. We also know it’ll be called the Pixel 6 Pro, not the XL as previous larger Pixel devices have been dubbed.

Here’s what we know about the Pixel 6 Pro so far

While Google hasn’t officially confirmed a release date for the Pixel 6 line, we now know it’ll arrive “this fall”, which is autumn to us Brits.

Historically, the Pixel has launched in October, with last year’s Pixel 5 arriving even earlier on September 30, so it would make sense that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro follow this timeline. 

Google Pixel 6 Portfolio Shot

Pricing is less clear as Google isn’t spilling the beans just yet. The Pixel 5 marked a more affordable turn for Google at just £599/$699. It’s possible that Google could stick to this price with its base Pixel 6 and charge more for the Pro model. The Pixel 4 XL cost £829/$899 to the 4’s £669/$799, so we might see a similar £160/$100 increase for the 6 Pro.

The word Pro stipulates that it’s costing more anyway.

Google has completely revamped the design for the Pixel 6 line and the devices look much better for it. Rumours of the three-tone rear-casing have proven accurate, along with the camera bar that spans the entire width of the phone’s rear casing. About an inch above that is a neat colour accent.

While not as pronounced as on the Pixel 6, the Pixel 6 will have black, champagne and silver options with what appear to be modest colour accents beneath the phone’s top edges. It also offers a “light polished aluminium frame,” compared with the Pixel 6’s matte aluminium finish.

We don’t know the size or resolution of the Pixel 6 Pro display yet but Google is showcasing the front of the phone with a much higher screen to body ratio and much slimmer bezels. As predicted in recent leaks, the selfie camera is now a punch hole in the centre of the display close to the top bezel.

Google isn’t spilling too many design or display specs right now, but according to renders shared by OnLeaks via, the Pixel 6 Pro will feature a 6.67-inch display compared to the 6.4-inches rumoured for the Pixel 6. We’ve also been hearing thew Pro model may support a higher refresh rate and may rock a plastic AMOLED display.

One of the biggest updates rumoured to be coming to the Pixel line this year was a new homemade processor. That has now been confirmed by Google. The SoC is called Google Tensor and is designed to make the most of Google’s AI and machine learning advances.

It means Google will no longer need to rely on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips to power its homegrown smartphones and, the company says, will enable its phones to continue to get better over time.

In a blog post confirming the new processor, Google says: “Tensor enables us to make the Google phones we’ve always envisioned — phones that keep getting better, while tapping the most powerful parts of Google, all in a highly personalized experience. And with Tensor’s new security core and Titan M2, Pixel 6 will have the most layers of hardware security in any phone.”

Google Tensor image

Google also says evidence of the new chip’s prowess will be showcased in the “completely revamped” camera system as well as speech recognition when using the Assistant.”

Right now, other unconfirmed specs include a 5,000mAh battery, 12GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB/512GB of storage. For comparison’s sake, the regular 6 is expected to include a 4,614mAh battery, 8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB of storage. Again this is all rumour and won’t be confirmed by Google until this autumn.

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The Pixel 6 Pro will have a 4x optical zoom telephoto lens (presumably with a periscope design) and three cameras in total. This is the first Pixel phone to ever rock a triple camera array.

That’s compared with the two snappers featured on the rear of the Pixel 6. Google says those two cameras will be the same on both devices, but isn’t revealing the specs as yet.

Rumours have suggested there’ll be a 50-megapixel main sensor and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. The selfie camera, now moved to the centre of the display rather than the left side, is expected to be 12-megapixels. We’re still waiting on official word from Google. As you can see, there’s an LED flash on board too.

Pixel 6 Pro rear camera

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