Philips A6606

Philips has unveiled four new pairs of wireless headphones for those who like to keep active, including efforts with heart rate monitoring, sound via bone conduction and UV cleaning features.

With the launch of the A7306, A6606, A4216 and A3206 set for the first half of 2021, Philips is looking to cement its position as one of the leading sports headphone brands on the market.

The new line up includes on-ear, neck band and true wireless options designed to appeal to all users from serious athletes to fitness enthusiasts and everyday runners.

Philips A7306

Philips A7306 flagship sports earbuds

Starting with the A7306, they are Philips’ flagship true wireless sports earbuds. They come with three different coloured wing-tips and three detachable ear-hooks so you can find the perfect fit for both comfort and blocking out external sounds.

The A7306 are fitted with large 9mm drivers to offer “exceptional” sound, and can last up to six hours with an additional 18 in the charging case. The earbuds also support Fast Charge for one hour of battery after just 15 minutes of charging.

One of the headphone’s more unique features is its built-in heart rate monitor, which is compatible with many popular fitness apps. Other key features include a water-tight design, a UV light cleaning charging case and a one-tap awareness mode for hearing sounds outside of the earbuds.

The Philips A7306 come in black and will be available Q2 2021.

Philips A6606

Philips A6606 bone conducting earbuds

Next up are the A6606 earbuds, which feature a titanium neckband design so they can fit under a cycle helmet.

Rather than opting for conventional drivers, the A6606 use bone conduction technology to send vibrations to the ear via your cheekbones. By doing so, you can listen to music without completely blocking off environmental sounds the way traditional earbuds do, making them more suited to workouts where you might need to pay attention to your surroundings.

The earbuds pack nine hours of battery, 15 minute Fast Charge support, and even include a high visibility LED safety light that can be controlled through the Philips Headphones app.

The Philips A6606 are available in black and will launch Q2 2021.

Philips A4216

Philips A4216 on-ear sports headphones

The A4216 are the most traditional-looking pair of headphones in the new range. The on-ear style offers passive noise isolation and features large 40mm drivers to produce “detailed sound with deep bass reproduction”.

The ear cups are padded out with memory foam inserts and cooling gel to soothe ears after high intensity sessions. The fabric sleeves can even be removed and washed for added hygiene. Battery life is 25 hours and there’s Fast Charge support with two hours of playtime gained from just 15 minutes of charging.

The Philips A4216 come in, you guessed it, black. They’ll be available to purchase Q2 2021.

Philips A3206

Philips A3206 sports headphones

Last up are the A3206 wireless earbuds. With a build quality reinforced by Kevlar, they have a light reflective cable design for added safety when exercising in low light. The cable also includes a remote control with three buttons and a shirt clip.

Designed for runners, hikers and gym lovers, they are water-resistant and come with three wing-tips and three ear-hooks for a secure fit. The earbuds are also Google and Siri compatible and pack 10 hours of battery in one charge.

The Philips A3206 come in black and, like the other wireless headphones, will be available Q2 2021.

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